5 Must Haves for Your Indoor Bike Trainer

The only thing worse than being forced to train indoors is being forced to train indoors without the following 5 must haves.


1. Bike Thong Bicycle Sweat Protector for Indoor Bicycle Trainers
Your gonna sweat buckets.  Keep those buckets of sweat from ruining your sweet ride.  Not only is sweat gross, it’s also highly corrosive.  As an added bonus, it comes with a handy pocket organizer to hold your TV remote control, iPod, Clif Bars or whatever you might want handy. Sure, you could save a few bucks and try to cover your bike with a towel…you could also save a few bucks and buy some cycling shorts w/out a good chamois.


2. A Fan
Get a fan, any fan.  Not a flag waiving, allez shouting, costume wearing fan-atic but an electric, bladed device capable of pushing volumes of air in your general direction.  A properly positioned fan will keep your buckets of sweat from turning into bathtubs of sweat and will ultimately prevent your heart rate from climbing higher than the Schleck brothers.  We’re big fans (badump *clang*) of a pedestal, high velocity fan like this Lasko Oscillating High Velocity Fan.


3. Cages and Water Bottles
If you don’t already have them, get them.  If you have them, use them.  Remember the buckets of sweat we keep referring to?  When training on an indoor cycling trainer, you must focus on staying hydrated.  For cyclists new to the sport, time spent indoors on your bike can help you to not only perfect your pedal stroke and learn more about your bike, it’s also a great time to master pulling the water bottle from a cage, popping the nozzle and drinking without losing cadence and without looking.  It is not however, a good time to practice blowing snot rockets.


4. A Climbing Block
Sure you can find the occasional road cyclists who absolutely loves climbing; however, we contend that every road cyclists loves descents.  That said, nobody enjoys the downhill descent position that a fluid trainer inevitably forces you and your bike to assume.  The simple solution?  Well Einstein, you’ve raised your rear wheel anywhere from 2 – 4 inches, maybe you should raise your front wheel the same height?  Good choice.  Once again, you could plant your front wheel on a couple books, a block of wood, etc. but why risk ruining book 2 in the Twilight series and why risk ruining the perception that you’re some sort of road biking pro?  Pick up a wheel block.  Stay pro.


 5. A Training Mat
Buckets.  Buck-ets.