What to Bring on Your Ride

If you’ve put more than a few hundred miles on your road bike, you probably already know what to bring on your ride and you either took the easy way and heeded a veteran’s advice or took the hard way and learned through trial and error.  In the spirit of choose your own adventure books, here’s a little story about what to bring on your next ride.


You’re a relatively new cyclist.  You have a bike, some spandex and a couple water bottles.  Before walking out the door, you think to yourself, “hmmmm, wonder what else I’ll need on this ride.”  Choose one:

The Easy Way (read the rest of this article)

The Hard Way (ignore the rest of this article)


For those cyclists new to the sport, allow Road Bike Mike to offer some sage advice that could save you some trial and some inevitably painful error.  Here’s a basic list of “must-haves” for any ride:

  1. One Spare Tube – Yes, you will have flats and yes, they will come at the most inopportune time
  2. One Ziplock Bag – Nothing worse than fixing a flat only to find that your spare was punctured prior to install
  3. Three Tire Levers – Yes, three
  4. Air – We prefer 2 c02 cartridges over a bulky, and ‘non-pro’ air pump
  5. Patch Kit – Either a kit or glueless patches for the not-so-fun-but-bound-to-happen double flat
  6. Cash – You never know when bribery, cab fare, or a bonk-breaking twinkie will be needed
  7. Identification – Like clean underwear, it’s there in case of emergency and you hope that no one has to see it