Meet Mike

My name is Mike.  I live in Colorado.  I only recently became addicted to the sport of road biking. This is my story:

As a Colorado Native, I’ve always been active in skiing, mountain biking, running, and other athletic endeavors. Living in Colorado, I had seen road cyclists at nearly every turn but never given much thought to taking up the sport…until the phone call.

It was my brother Ryan. It was late February. He asked if I wanted to join him on that year’s Ride the Rockies (a 6 day ride covering 420+ miles of scenic Colorado biways). Having never been on a road bike, having never owned a bike that weighed less than 20 pounds, having never ridden on tires narrower than 2″, I logically answered “you bet!”

With less than 4 months until the 6 day, 420+ mile affair, I dove headfirst into the sport. I studied hundreds of online sites, read numerous articles and asked millions of questions. I climbed the learning curve faster than Lance, Contador or the Schleck’s climbed the Alpe d’Huez. I made incredible progress and I made some really stupid mistakes.

When not making mistakes (i.e. buying inferior pedals, failing to understand how to fix a flat without pinching the tube, etc.) I was busy training. In 3 short months I went from needing a crash course in how to shift (I was looking for thumb or grip shifters familiar to my mountain biking days) to renting a road bike while in Maui and climbing 10,023 vertical feet to the top of Mount Haleakala because it sounded fun.

By the time the June ride came about, the 6 day, 420+ mile, 26,000 vertical feet route for Ride the Rockies was a walk in the park. I was now a road cyclists for life.

Soon thereafter, I recruited some friends and built this site with one goal in mind: to share my new found love of road cycling. For those that are new to the sport, I want this site to help answer questions, get you up the learning curve, get you out from behind the keyboard and get you up on a road bike saddle.

I’ve tried to capture the heart of my story to the right, under “The Beginner’s Book on Biking.”  I’ve surrounded myself with incredibly knowledgeable, incredibly experienced cyclists and together we’re tearing down the barriers to the sport.  I encourage you to check the site often for updates as my story and the “Beginner’s Book on Biking” continue to unfold.

Give me a shout anytime, I’d love to hear your story!