What Road Bike Pedals Do You Need?

Clipless road bike pedals will simultaneously bring your road biking and your humility to brand new levels.  From a performance perspective, clipless pedals will reduce inefficiencies and help you put more power through each pedal stroke.  In terms of humility, every new road cyclist will contend with the dreaded slow-motion fall: the routine stop that turns a bit more interesting when you find yourself falling to one side while both feet remain clipped into your pedals.  The good news: slow-motion falls only happen one or two times whereas the power and efficiency gains last the entire life of your new clipless pedals.


Rather than promote the clipless pedal, we’ll jump to the conclusion that you’re set on adding some clipless pedals to the new rig but need a bit more direction in terms of what pedals (and associated shoes) to buy.  In classic Road Bike Mike fashion, we’ve scoured the web and the bike shops; tested dozens of clipless pedals; and distilled the selection process into a simple choice based on your riding style and budget.


If maintaining a budget is your primary concern: Pick up the Look Keo Easy Ride Pedals

 The Look KEO Easy Pedal is exactly that – easy! Look has designed the easiest pedals to get in and out of, in addition to a wide platform to give excellent power transfer. The Look KEO Easy pedal is for anyone starting to cycle or Looking for a simple, reliable system

230 grams

Price: Under $60

Bottom Line: 90 grams heavier than the Look Keo Classics and $45 less.

If you want the best performance bang for the buck: Pick up the Look Keo Classic Pedals


Description: The large base makes it easy to enter and exit the pedal and the slightly heavier weight help makes entry a bit more manageable. . The Look Keo Classic maintains adjustable spring tension, low stack height and overall lightweight construction (140g) thereby helping the new rider grow comfortably with this quality clipless pedal.

Weight: 140 grams

Bottom Line:
 Look is to road bike pedals as Kleenex is to facial tissue.Price: About $80



If you simply want the best: Pick up the Cycle Keo 2 Max Carbon Pedals

Look Keo 2 Max Carbon

Description: People loved the weight and function of the Look Keos, but found they wore out the carbon fiber pedal bodies. To combat this, Look added a stainless steel wear plate atop the center of the pedal body that will never wear out. In addition, the shape is wider (amongst the widest clipless pedals around) which helps increase the surface area that contacts the cleat. All this platform width is coupled with a narrow bottom that helps these pedals corner better than the older Keo design and better than Shimano Dura Ace.


Weight: 122 grams

Price: About $175

Bottom Line: You’re going to love these pedals.