Best Road Bikes Under $2,000

With $2,000 set as your budget, you’re looking for the best road bike for the buck. You are, after all, spending more on this bike than you did your first car. It’s a shame the smug salespeople at your local bike shop don’t hold your same belief that for $2,000 you should get everything you want in a road bike…and more.

At Road Bike Mike, we share your belief that $2,000 is a ton of money to spend on a bike. We also hold firm to your dreams of getting everything you want in a road bike for $2,000. Enter the showdown of 2012 road bikes priced at, or around, $2,000.  While we tried to keep things under $2,000, we couldn’t help but notice that a 10% uptick in budget actually bought you the best road bike you can possibly get for the money.  Hey, it could be worse…we could be that smarmy sales guy at the local bike shop that steered you towards a $5,000 Cervélo.

As with all of our road bike reviews, we stuck with “non-brand name bikes” from internet retailers to stretch our dollars.  Why pay extra to cover the costs of pricey marketing and branding campaigns, expensive pro-teams and greedy middle-men?! Based on hours of testing, these three road bikes stood head and shoulders above the rest:

2011 Marin Bikes Stelvio Ultegra Road Bike – $1,999

For the first time in Road Bike Mike review history, we had a unanimous winner among our tester team and it’s not hard to see why.  The Tommaso Superleggera is the complete package with Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 components strapped to an incredibly sexy 12K Monocoque carbon frame, full carbon fork, and adorned with an FSA Gossamer Pro 53/39 aluminum crank, Mavic wheels, and a Tommaso Racing Series saddle. While the Ultegra 6700 adorned Kestrel and Marin bikes showed well, it was uncanny how much better the Superleggera performed and looked!

Then again, if you’re stuck on  brand names and think that Dura Ace is overrated or reserved for Cat1 racers, check out the $2,000 offerings from Trek and Specialized.

Bikes have specs…

specs are easily compared…

value is easily discerned.

This one’s a no-brainer.

Conclusion:  Road Bike Mike Likes the 2012 Tommaso Superleggera Road Bike for $2,220

This bike has the frame and components of brand-name bikes that retail for $3,500+, has a compact geometry that lowers the center of gravity and increases the responsiveness and handling, and gets compliments wherever you go.  Once again, of all bikes we tested, this bike garnered more attention than all other bikes combined.

Be like Mike: Buy the Superleggera If it sucks, send it back and tell us how much we suck for telling you to buy something that sucked so much.  If it doesn’t suck, and it won’t suck, you can tell us how much we don’t suck for telling you to buy something that definitely doesn’t suck.

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