Best Road Bikes Under $1,000

You’ve scrimped and saved (or flexed your American patriotism by going into debt) to buy a new road bike.  The good news: you have $1,000 at your disposal.  The bad news: you don’t have $2,000 at your disposal.  While $1,000 bought you all the sweet gear you needed last summer to dominate the local urban landscape as you explored the world of parkour…it suddenly feels inadequate when you search for the latest slab of tubes, gears and rubber capable of carrying your BMI of 25 around the local 20 mile bike loop.

Fear not, the crack team at Road Bike Mike kicked the tires on dozens of road bikes for $1,000 or less.  After being forcefully removed from every local bike shop for kicking their bikes, we rushed back to our Mom’s basement to write our review and help you save time and energy in selecting the best bang for a grand.

After kicking the tires, we got serious and actually rode the bikes to give you an unbiased review based on price, specs and ride quality.  We narrowed the top bikes for under $1,000 down to the following 3 bikes:

2012 Tommaso Mondial 2.0 – $999 (Mondial 1.0 – $1055)

2011 Motobecane Sprint – $1,095

2010 Scattante R-570 - $899$749 (2011 R-570 – $1,199)

Overall, the 3 bikes compared very similarly across the board.  The difference between 1st and 3rd was minimal.  From beginning cyclist through competitive cyclist, those road bikers with budgets limited to $1,000 or less will get tremendous value from the Tommaso Mondial, Scattante R-570, or the Motobecane Sprint.  For riders looking for a compact frame geometry, high-end components and a graphics package that turns heads, look no further than the Tommaso Mondial.  For riders that appreciate the upgraded componentry but don’t want a compact geometry and want to blend into their surroundings, consider getting the Motobecane Sprint.  For riders that don’t mind scouring for a 2010 close-out, or dropping the additional $200 to buy the 2011 model, pick up the Scattante!  Then again, if you’re stuck on  brand names, hate carbon, can’t stand crisp shifting and abhor high performance components, check out the $1,000 offerings from Trek and Specialized.

Bikes have specs…

specs are easily compared…

value is easily discerned.

Now that we’ve discerned value from all 3 bikes, perhaps the ultimate decision factor for you is the color and graphics packages. Having done your homework for you, the team at Road Bike Mike fully supports your ultimate selection based on superficial looks.

Hey, you wanna look good while riding, right?

Conclusion:  Road Bike Mike Likes the 2012 Tommaso Mondial 2.0 for $999

This bike has the frame and components of brand-name bikes that retail for $2,000+, has a compact geometry that lowers the center of gravity and increases the responsiveness and handling, and gets compliments wherever you go.  Once again, of all bikes we tested, this bike garnered more attention than all other bikes combined.

Be like Mike: Buy the Mondial.  If it sucks, send it back and tell us how much we suck for telling you to buy something that sucked so much.  If it doesn’t suck, and it won’t suck, you can tell us how much we don’t suck for telling you to buy something that definitely doesn’t suck.

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