Best Road Bikes Under $1,500

What’s in a name?  When it comes to road bikes, a name is worth $1,000 or more!

What your local bike store won’t tell you is that nearly all road bike frames are made in the same factories in China and Taiwan and often come from the same molds.  Combine this with the fact that manufacturers outsource nearly every component of the bike and what you’ll discover is that the paint scheme and logos are often the only difference between an off-brand road bike and a name-brand road bike.

Tone out the marketing machines that have ingrained any bias and let’s start shopping based on tangible benefits.  At the end of the day:

Bikes have specs…

specs are easily compared…

value is easily discerned.

Boom!  The mystery of road bike shopping has been solved.

To help you make the best decision with your budget of $1,200 to $1,500 we’ve shopped hundreds of road bikes, tested dozens of road bikes and narrowed the field down to 3 options that won’t let you down!

2011 Motobecane Immortal Pro – $1,295

2011 Immortal Pro

2012 Tommaso Aggraziato Pro – $1,555

2011 Scattante R-670 - $1,499 $1,299

2011 Scattante r-670

Bikes have specs…specs are easily compared….value is easily discerned.  Click the image below for Road Bike Mike’s review of the specs and value:Best Road Bikes Under $1,500

Overall, the 3 bikes compared very similarly across the board.  The difference between 1st and 3rd was minimal.  From beginning cyclist through competitive cyclist, those road bikers with budgets limited to $1,500 will get tremendous value from the Tommaso Aggraziato Pro, Scattante R-670, or the Motobecane Immortal Pro.  Ultimately, we had to pick a winner.  For riders looking for the latest carbon fiber and Shimano Ultegra components, look no further than the Tommaso Aggraziato Pro.

Bikes have specs…

specs are easily compared…

value is easily discerned.

Perhaps the ultimate decision factor for you is the color and graphics packages. Having done your homework for you, the team at Road Bike Mike fully supports your ultimate selection based on superficial looks.

Hey, you wanna look good while riding, right?


Road Bike Mike Likes the 2012 Tommaso Aggraziato Pro for $1,555

This bike has the frame and components of brand-name bikes that retail for $3,000+, has a lightning quick ride, is paltry in weight, yet supple in ride, and gets compliments wherever you go.  Of all bikes we tested, this bike garnered more attention than all other bikes combined and this was the only bike that actually had our testers considering trading in their Cervélos and Pinarellos.  If that doesn’t say something for the Tommaso…


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